My First Puzzle - My First Number Puzzle Story


My First Puzzle - My First Number Puzzle Story

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My Mideer Puzzle set series are great "starter" puzzles and will help little hands develop their fine motor skills. My First Puzzle sets contain six puzzles depicting fun animals that your young ones will easily recognize. The puzzles progress from 3 pieces to 4 pieces to 5 pieces to 6 pieces, giving your child an opportunity to grow with the set as they grow and develop.
25 X 15 X 5cm

Use the colours and pictures on each piece as clues to figure out what number they create.

Each puzzle number is a story.

1 is Puss In Boots

2 is The Hare and the Tortoise

3 is The Three Little Pigs

4 is Little Red Riding Hood

5 is Ugly Duckling


15 large thick pieces, easy for little hands!

Suits 2+