Little Lunch Box - Lunchbox Planner Notepad

Little Lunch Box

Little Lunch Box - Lunchbox Planner Notepad

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Preparing for a week of lunches is easy with our Lunch Box Planner Notepad! Easily plan a balanced lunch box that covers fruit and veg intake, morning tea and lunch time to ensure your kids will be nice and full. No more frantic mornings or multiple trips to the supermarket, this planner will help you create delicious, healthy and balanced lunch boxes with ease!

Our Lunch Box Planner Notepad makes it easy to get the kids involved in planning their lunches. This will help them be excited about what they are having and make sure those lunch boxes come home empty!


  • A4 size, 35 tear away pages
  • Display on bench or attach magnets to hang on fridge
  • Sections for Fruit/Veg, Morning Tea, Afternoon Tea and a Grocery List
  • Easily plan balanced lunches and make use of the food you already have at home

This Lunch Box Planner Notepad has been designed with the input of our wonderful customers, so that we could tailor it specifically to your needs and desires.