KAPER KIDZ - Tap A Shape Underwater World

Kaper Kidz

KAPER KIDZ - Tap A Shape Underwater World

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Dive into a world of artistic exploration with the Wooden Underwater World Tap a Shape Set from Kaper Kidz. This classic construction set provides an immersive and hands-on experience, allowing you to tap and create your very own underwater masterpiece. Unleash your creativity and enhance hand-eye coordination as you follow these simple steps: -Choose one of the four pattern cards included in the set. Each card serves as a muse for your underwater world design. -Place the cork board on a flat surface. This will be your canvas, ready to capture the essence of your imaginative creation. - Explore your creativity by arranging the 71 wooden shapes provided. From fish to seaweed, the assortment allows you to design a diverse underwater landscape. - Take the provided wooden hammer and 80 nails to tap the 18 sturdy card underwater animals onto the cork board. Feel the satisfaction as your underwater scene comes to life with added depth and dimension. - Let your imagination run wild as you continue to tweak and modify your underwater world. The flexibility of the wooden shapes ensures that every creation is uniquely yours. -Once your masterpiece is complete, neatly store the set in its book-style package, keeping all components organized and ready for your next artistic adventure. With this comprehensive Tap a Shape Set, not only do you get the joy of crafting a visually stunning underwater world, but you also develop fine motor skills and creative thinking. Dive into the ocean of possibilities with the Wooden Underwater World Tap a Shape Set, where each tap is a step towards an imaginative and skill-enhancing masterpiece.

Bookcase size approx. 19cmLx 4.5cmWx26cmH

Age: 3 Years +